Deny a player joining a room

You can deny a player connection by throwing an error during onAuth() or onJoin() methods.

The implementation of when to deny a player connection will depend on your use-case.

Below you can see an example validating the @colyseus/social authentication token, and retrieving a Hero record linked with the user id.

export class BattleRoom extends Room {

  onCreate(options) {
    this.levelRequired = 10;

  async onAuth(client, options) {
    const userId = verifyToken(options.token)._id;
    const hero = await Hero.findOne({ userId });

    if (!hero) {
      throw new Error("'Hero' not found in the database!");

    } else if (hero.level < this.levelRequired) {
      throw new Error("player do not have the level required to be on this room.");


    return hero;


The client will then receive an error when trying to join the room:

client.joinOrCreate("battle", {}).then(room => {
  // ...
}).catch(e => {
  console.log(e) // "'Hero' not found in the database!"

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