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Cocos Creator 3

Cocos Creator is a Cross-Platform 2D/3D Game Creation Tool.

The Colyseus SDK for Cocos Creator works in the same way as the JavaScript SDK. The major difference is how to import it from a TypeScript Component asset from Cocos Creator.

Looking for an example?

Take a look at the Tic Tac Toe Example.

1. Install the extension

  • Open the Cocos Store (Menu: "Extension" » "Store")
  • Search for "Colyseus SDK"
  • Download the extension
  • Decompress the zip file to /extensions/ image
  • Start up Cocos Creator, open extention manager (Menu: "Extension" » "Extension Manager")
  • Click "search for plugins" button on the "Project" tab
  • Enable the "colyseus-sdk" plugin image

2. Update your tsconfig.json file

Make sure you have "esModuleInterop": true under "compilerOptions":

  // ...

  /* Add your custom configuration here. */
  "compilerOptions": {
    // ...
    "esModuleInterop": true
    // ...
  // ...

3. Importing from the extension

You must import Colyseus from its extension path:

import Colyseus from 'db://colyseus-sdk/colyseus.js';

Below is a more elaborate example you can copy and paste into your project.

Save the contents below as NetworkManager.ts under your assets folder.

import { _decorator, Component, Node } from 'cc';
const { ccclass, property } = _decorator;

import Colyseus from 'db://colyseus-sdk/colyseus.js';

export class NetworkManager extends Component {
    @property hostname = "localhost";
    @property port = 2567;
    @property useSSL = false;

    client!: Colyseus.Client;
    room!: Colyseus.Room;

    start () {
        // Instantiate Colyseus Client
        // connects into (ws|wss)://hostname[:port]
        this.client = new Colyseus.Client(`${this.useSSL ? "wss" : "ws"}://${this.hostname}${([443, 80].includes(this.port) || this.useSSL) ? "" : `:${this.port}`}`);

        // Connect into the room

    async connect() { 
        try {
   = await this.client.joinOrCreate("my_room");

            console.log("joined successfully!");
            console.log("user's sessionId:",;

   => {
                console.log("onStateChange: ", state);

   => {
                console.log("onLeave:", code);

        } catch (e) {

You can now attach NetworkManager as a Component on any Node from Cocos Creator.

Because we're using the @property decorator above, you can edit the hostname, port and useSSL from Cocos Creator editor:

Colyseus SDK on TypeScript Component

Alternative: How to manually add the colyseus.js file into your project (without the extension)

  • Download the latest release from GitHub.
  • Unzip the file into the assets/ folder.
  • Move both colyseus.js and colyseus.d.ts files into your Cocos Creator project's scripts folder.
  • Click on the colyseus.js file from the Assets panel, and enable to "Import As Plugin" (see image below)
  • TypeScript: require it using import Colyseus from "./colyseus.js";
  • JavaScript: require it using const Colyseus = require("./colyseus.js");

Import as plugin

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