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Welcome to Colyseus Arena

The simplest solution to deploy your Colyseus Server allowing you to Get To Fun Faster™

Arena Cloud is a fully managed solution that enables you to focus on your multiplayer game development. It provides developers with enterprise grade hosting leaving server management, infrastructure, DevOps and scaling to us. With Arena, you can setup, manage and update your Colyseus servers with a few clicks from an intuitive administration dashboard.

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Arena Dashboard View

Arena Cloud Regions

Arena Cloud is available in multiple regions with custom region deployments available on request.

  • N. Virginia (USA - East 1)
  • Ohio (USA - East 2)
  • N. Virginia (USA - East 3 | Indie/Dev)
  • N. California (USA - West 1)
  • Mumbai (Asia Pacific - South | Indie/Dev)
  • Ireland (Europe - West)
  • Frankfurt (Europe - Central | Indie/Dev)
  • Seoul (Asia Pacific - North East)
  • São Paulo (South America - East) -- Available On Request

Application Management

Managing your application deployments and viewing real-time stats can be done simply from your intuitive dashboard. In this console you can upload & edit code, trigger builds, setup CI/CD flow with a Git repository, view logs, and restart a specific server or your full deployment.

Arena Application Management View

Colyseus Arena Enterprise

Our Enterprise service team can provide developers, large and small, a fully customized solution that is typically more cost effective and reliable than self-hosting. Leveraging our Global Arena infrastructure you get the advantages of our 'economies of scale' which allow us to provide the best in class service with per unit pricing. From per CCU to per CPU pricing we can customize a plan to meet your game or application needs that works within your budget.

Common Enterprise Use Case

  • Marketing or Limited Time Virtual Event
  • Launching a mobile application at scale ( > 10k CCUs)
  • Custom Colyseus or Non-Colyseus Game Server
  • Complex setup deployment with multiple server versions running in parallel
  • MMO / Large scale battle royals

Discuss Enterprise Solutions

Arena Enterprise Hosting of Custom Servers

Have a linux based game server or headless Unity / Unreal game server? Are you looking for a flexible server host that can handle the DevOps, maintenance, and scaling of your infrastructure leaving your team free to focus on game development? If so, reach out to our team today and see how we can provide a modern, scalable and cost effective solution for server hosting.

Custom Server Hosting

Colyseus Arena Legacy Support < 0.14

Arena Cloud runs the latest version of Colyseus Open-source, however Arena has the ability to host and support at scale any previous Colyseus version.

Contact our support team at Legacy Support to have older Colyseus versions added to your application.

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