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Welcome to Colyseus

Important Notices

  • Documentation is currently being updated and improved.
  • Translation of the documentation is in progress.

Getting started

Before we start, let's make sure we have the necessary system requirements installed in your local machine.


Creating a barebones Colyseus server

Use the npm init colyseus-app command to generate a barebones Colyseus server. You may select between TypeScript (recommended), JavaScript or Haxe as your language of choice for the server.

npm init colyseus-app ./my-colyseus-app

From the official examples

Alternatively, you can check some examples in action by cloning the examples project and running it locally.

git clone
cd colyseus-examples
npm install

To run the server locally, run npm start, then open http://localhost:2567 to explore each example.

Presentation: Overview of how Colyseus works

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